What Does the roofing process look like?

Each job comes with different obstacles and may require slightly different steps

  1. Inspection and measurement of roof
  2. Estimate
  3. Acceptance of estimate and scheduling of job
  4. Crew will arrive and foreman will introduce himself and discuss any concerns
  5. Crew will remove any potentially breakable items or will install diverters and covers to make sure nothing gets broken
  6. Tear off is the first stage of the process.  Depending on the weather forecast the crew will tear off sections or the entire roof.
  7. The old roof will be disposed of into a dumpster or trailer.  This is usually placed as close to the roof as possible to reduce ground cleanup
  8. The roof deck will be inspected and any rotten or broken decking will be replaced
  9. **Installation of plywood over deck**(If necessary)
  10. Underlay will be installed on the entire roof to provide a completely watertight covering.
  11. Roofing will start.
  12. Venting usually occurs at the end of the roof installation.  We always install enough vents or ridge vent to bring venting to or above code
  13. Capping is the last stage in the roof
  14. Caulking and covering exposed nails in the final cap piece as well as behind any metal flashings to prevent wind driven rain.
  15. Foreman inspection
  16. Owner/Production manager final inspection
  17. Invoicing and payment