If you are overwhelmed in choosing a new roof you've come to the right place. Here we will guide you through the different types of roofing product and outline the pros and cons of each

There are 4 main types of sloped roofing systems

1. Asphalt Roofing
2. Metal Roofing (Panels or Shakes)
3. Synthetic Roofing
4. Cedar Shakes


  • Pros

    • Cheapest roof
    • Last 20-30yrs
    • Easy to repair
    • Easy to walk on
    • Easy to tie additions into
    • Provide good wind resistance
    • Proven for the last 50yrs
    • Many colors and types available
    • Local company reps on the island
  • Cons
    • Moss growth
    • Branches and debris can cause roof to degrade prematurely

Synthetic Roofing

  • Pros
    • Provide great longevity 50+yrs
    • Awesome looking products
    • Keep their appearance for the longest of all products
    • Some of the best warranties 
    • Awesome as replacement to cedar shakes in communities that require shakes such as Crown Isle
  • Cons
    • The most expensive options
    • limited supplies (all special order)
    • Limited track record
    • Few local jobs
    • usually limited colors and styles

Metal Panels and Shakes

  • Pros
    • One of the longest lasting materials available
    • Snap lock panels have excellent wind resistance
    • Nothing can grow on roof
    • Great Looking
    • Many different colors available
  • Cons
    • Price (2x+ cost of asphalt roof)
    • Condensation can be an issue 
    • Paint can be effected on roof close to salt water
    • Paint colors degrade and change over time
    • Metal shakes have potential to blow off in high wind areas
    • Warranties are all paint only

Cedar Shakes

  • Pros
    • Look great when first installed
    • Supports local businesses
    • Last 20+yrs when properly installed
    • Can be installed over strapping without sheeting
  • Cons
    • One of the most expensive options
    • Bad shakes can cause roof to prematurely fail
    • Moss growth can eat through shakes
    • Extremely slippery
    • Very difficult or impossible to fix after the first couple years
    • Look bad over time
    • Very flammable