10 Year Workmanship Warranty*

What it means.

- If your roof has a leak because of the workmanship we will come fix it up to 10 years after we have installed the roof

- This means that we will solve the problem and supply all necessary materials

What it doesn't Mean

- We do not cover issues that are a result of work done by anyone other than employees of Timberline Roofing

- The warranty does not cover any issues that develop from high winds(over 50km/hr) or other natural disaster such as hail

- It is limited to supplies and labour to repair the affected area of the roof only.

- Does not cover any damage caused to the interior or exterior of the building.

- Any roof with an outstanding invoice that has not been paid in full will receive no warranty.

- Does not cover leaks caused by faulty roofing products.

*10 Warranty is in effect as of Jan 1, 2014

*We reserve the right to deny any and all warranty claims Timberline Roofing deems to not satisfy the above requirements.